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Loyalty system

Loyalty systems are among the essential components of the success of companies, establishments, and business activities.

The customer is the capital of any institution and a business leader. Therefore, everyone providing services or products should maintain each customer.

Loyalty Systems: They are considered part of the marketing process and an easily usable performance to increase sales and repeat purchases. They are one of the most important marketing strategies followed by major global companies in their growth.

To encourage repeat purchases and build the brand name, features that add a creative competitive advantage at minimal costs were essential.

Why do you need a loyalty system in your business?

  • Create loyalty among end consumers.
  • Increase the number of visits and sales through rewards, gifts, and special offers.
  • Send motivational or educational purchase messages at any time without annoying the customer or making them feel bored through notifications.
  • Attract new customers through word-of-mouth advertising using your current customers.
  • Analyze the behavior of the end consumer, making decision-making easier.

Types of Loyalty Systems:

  • Points-Based System: It relies on accumulating points with each purchase, suitable for some retail and wholesale sectors. Customers acquire purchases in exchange for certain accumulated points.
  • Visits-Based System: It relies on the rapid repetition of the purchase process to obtain a specific reward, either as a percentage or as a free gift.

How does a loyalty system increase sales?

We do not disagree that the basis for increasing sales is marketing in general. Marketing, in all its forms, relies on two different systems, and we call them:

  • Horizontal Marketing: Reaching a potential new customer through various marketing, advertising, and promotional methods, whether it is electronic or traditional marketing with its various platforms and methods. Typically, the cost of attracting a potential customer and converting them into an actual customer is high, requiring significant effort and numerous marketing tactics until the new customer is reached and becomes a regular customer.
  • Vertical Marketing: It is continuously and credibly launching continuous and continuous marketing by creating an ongoing relationship with the consumer and gaining their loyalty. This makes the consumer speak for you and inform others about what you offer. Therefore, Zari is keen to build its own loyalty system, characterized by many features to achieve the satisfaction and happiness of our customers and always make them stand out.

Marketing is not an option, it is a necessit